K-12 Homeschooling

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Below is a compilation of the top twenty questions most frequently asked by parents who are either homeschooling, or planning to home school their children. We hope you find the answers helpful in making your decision to either home school or not to home school. If you do decide to become a subscriber the information contained in this website will take the bite out of your planning and conducting your home school program. If you have any questions that are not explained herein, please feel free to contact us at educator863@gmail.com.


1What New Homeschoolers Want to Know

No special training is really required.. Our Instruction Manual and Training Modules will guide you through creating, organizing, conducting, managing and maintaining your program.. The Power Point Presentations and the weekly teaching tips will also be of great help to you. In some states there is no pre-set curriculum or course of study required. although our website provide curriculum guides for grades K-12. There are, however, a few legal requirements. For information about homeschooling laws in your state our website provides links to all the state laws and requirements.

2What does it mean to home school?

To many people, home schooling means the way they live their lives; carefree and unrestricted, others may take a stricter approach and duplicate the public school program with curricula's, daily activities, text books, test, schedules, report cards, and frequent field trips etc. Which ever the choice, our website provides resources and suggestions.

3What are some of the benefits of homeschooling?

This program is specially designed for home schooling student. We feel our program surpasses other programs due to the unique nature that is included in our curriculum. This program is unique in that the parent can choose which method is best suited for their child, the web and/or just plan old text books. This program links to other websites on the internet that have a daily unit for the following subjects: History, Science, English, Mathematics, and Good Citizenship, which are the requirement for home schooling in the state of Texas. Yet our program goes a bit beyond that minimum requirement.

4What do I have to do in order to home school my children?

Our Instruction Manual and Power Point Presentation and daily teaching tips will guide you through setting up your home school program. Become a subscriber to the Home Educator's Network.

5Will I be able to home school my challenged or learning disabled child?

Yes. Our website provides links to websites that will assist you in understanding the the challenge and/or the learning disability. Our Instruction Manual and Power Point Presentations will guide you through setting up your program.

6Can we use public school resources, take classes, or play in school sports?

In some districts, schools may allow homeschoolers to participate in interscholastic activities such as sports or debate club, if the child meets certain requirements. Some school districts are required to allow homeschoolers to participate in the aforementioned activities. Schools are not required by law to permit homeschoolers access to any other part of their program. Contact your local school district to see what possibilities that are available to you.

7How do I find out about homeschooling in my state?

We have a brief list of home schooling support groups, that you might contact in your area. Our Power Point Presentations can provide instructions for getting started. Sometimes getting together with other families who are home schooling is helpful.  What ever your home school focus might be, social, religious, or academic, you will find some resources on our website.

8Is it possible for me to work at a job and still home school?

Family situations differ. In some instances, mom will do the home schooling while dad work, or vice-versa. In other instances, the grandparent might do the home schooling while both parents work. What ever situation fits your home school program best, should be the one you use. For single parents, or if a stay home parent does the homeschooling, we have links to a few links for grants and online job opportunities that might help support family financially. In our Power Point Presentations, there are some suggestions relative to this.

9Is homeschooling expensive?

More or less.. Yes. It depends on a few of factors. (1) The material and/or resources you choose. (2) How many children are you home schooling? (3) Who will be the bread winner? (4) Will that one income be sufficient to support the family. (5) Will the grade level(s) of the students different or the same. The least expensive that I know of is creating your program using the internet. Our website provides the necessary bottom-line resources for creating and conducting a successful home school program. These resources are here, just a click away.

10How do I know which materials and resources to use?

Some may say this is one of the most difficult questions to answer. If you know your child's grade level, then the curriculum, materials and resources is provided here for grades kindergarten through grade 12. Some are simply selecting a corresponding resource and printing it. There is one of two ways you can go.(1) purchase a packaged curriculum or sign up for an online curriculum, (2) using a universal curriculum, and tailoring it to the need(s) of the child.

11Where can I get materials and resources?

Our website provide suggested text books. We also have links to various animated websites, videos, video clips, and online daily links to websites that contain daily activities. You are not limited to our suggestions. You may find materials and resources in other places, like libraries, book stores, television, video rentals, and packaged curriculum. Again the determining factor here is our objective for homeschooling, and the learning style of the student. Our website provides you with access to links to some of the above mentioned materials and resources.

12How will I know if my child is learning?

You will know if your child is learning, by observing the growth of their understanding and skill level. Using our suggested forms and procedure, and spending time with the student, you will be able to acknowledge and document their growth in understanding and skills level. The choice of your method of teaching, selection of appropriate materials and resources, will reveal the level of the student's knowledge, skills and ability.

13What if my child wants to learn something I can't teach?

This is common anxiety among home schoolers. Always wanting to learn something the parent can't teach. That's normal. There are classes (correspondence, video, support groups, community centers, colleges, etc.) taught by experts, but many children are very capable of teaching themselves, just as adults do when they have something new they want to learn. One of the most powerful learning experiences for a child is to have a parent learning right alongside him or her. Parents, thankfully, do not have to be the expert in every area. Learn with your child, or search your community or our website for resources that will help your child learn. And when searching for "teachers," don't overlook friends, acquaintances, and business people in your community. Most people are delighted to have a young person around who is sincerely interested in what they do and know.

14How will I know if my child is keeping up with other children her age?

The grade level curriculum which you child completes will determine whether that student is keeping up with other students their age. All students do not learn at the same pace or in the same way. But there are standards that tell what a student should know or be able to accomplish at any given age or grade level. There may come a time when the student has to return to public school. The curriculum guides on our resource page, and the online curricula that we encourage parents to use, fits into most school district's curriculum. If you have followed the curriculum guide, or an online curriculum, that is provided here, and kept your records up to date, then you have proof of what the student has learned and accomplished for a particular grade level. Also some states require annual testing that will verify your student's knowledge, skills and ability.

15What about socialization?

This is always the question that comes up. Many people feel that Home educated children, are very isolated. This is not true. Home schooling exposes students to a much wider range of personalities, people, professions, and the like. This is an area that should be taken into consideration when planning your home schooling program. As a part of the curriculum, you may have add-in, like music, dance, community sports, etc. Just regular outings can be of much benefit as well as a part of the learning process. You can participate in some of the local support groups planned field trips. Planned family outings to the grocery store, doctor's office, church activities, neighborhood gatherings, or visiting other family members can be a source of socializing for those homeschooling. Then there is another way called Team Teaching. (discussed more fully on the website).

16What about college?

From experience, most homeschooled students are welcomed in many institutions of higher learning throughout the country, ranging from local community colleges to Ivy League universities. Most of these institutions value the ability and attitude of these students. The Home School Academy, with the help of the parents' subscription to Time4Learning (an online curriculum) we provide tutoring, monitoring, report cards, and transcripts of verified completion work of the state required subject material for grades K-8 and 9-12

17Is home schooling legal? How do I find out the law in my state?

Yes, homeschooling is legal. State laws governing home schooling in your state are found here. You want to know the state's law on "Compulsory Attendance". Some state's laws will also require you to teach the core subjects others will not have any teaching requirement for the student. This information is found in your State's Department of Education. Your local homeschooling support groups would be very helpful in this area.

18Does this program provide tests?

We encourage parents to quiz student on a daily basis and to review previous day's activities at the beginning of the next day. This leads the student into the day's activities. We encourage and demonstrate to the parent how to sequence the lessons and activities. At the end to a semester, we encourage and assist the parent in administering end of the semester tests. Standardized test is required in some states, and others it is not. Parent will need to check with State and/or Local district for specifications on this matter. Where possible, we direct parent to standardized test that are online.

19Can my child receive a diploma upon completion of high school?

With the tutoring and monitoring of the student in the Time4Learning online curriculum, by the Home School Academy and the parent of the student, both will issue the diploma. (Parent participation is required).

20Who can participate in your program?

We will accept any learning-capable person from infancy through senility. This program is available to all regardless of race, color, religious origin, age or ethnic background.