Our Programs

The Online Educational Curriculum Gives Students More Options

With Home Educator's Network, Inc., DBA at Home School Academy, in Temple, Texas, students can meet their potential through using online learning technology to access an educational curriculum that is best for their needs. Our programs aim to provide guidance and meet specifications of the core curricula to meet state compliance. We provide suggested materials and texts that are conducive to a progressive learning environment for each student.

Our programs provide parents with state regulations and work to assist them in creating and maintaining a transcript of their child's work. Through supervision, we help parents improve the student's learning skills and abilities to enhance their motivation to learn. Additionally, our programs introduce new teaching techniques that will allow parents to create a safe learning environment while also developing good teaching skills.

Our learning technology encourages student's learning initiatives to expose them to a wider world of culture, information, and expertise. We work to address special-needs and learning difficulties effectively to make learning easy and fun. Unlike many home schooling programs, we are not free style but based on public school curricula.

We help parents follow government guidelines and let them know what they should teach their child with any given grade level. Our programs allow the parents the flexibility to customize the curricula to fit the need of their child. We strive to meet the needs of a wide variety of students. The purpose of your donation is to help parents homeschooling their children that not have been able to succeed in a classroom environment previously. We tutor and offer homeschooling to help them display their true potential.

We know you have choices in which home schooling program you use so we thank you for choosing Home School Academy & Home Educator's Networks, Inc. as your educational alternative. Our goal is to make sure you never have a reason to regret your decision. And, that your student receives the best, and most enjoyable learning experience possible. With the use of your required subscription to Time4Learning, parental supervision and our online resources,we will be able to accomplish this by:

  • Providing a complete course of study for each grade level.
  • Monitoring thirty six weeks of daily lessons and instruction.
  • Time4Learning lessons are in harmony with the national curriculum for each grade level
  • Our program corresponds with the average school year calendar.
  • Our resources provides instructions on how to create a homeschool program.
  • Our resource page provides applicable web links to e-books, worksheets, games and other activities
  • Time4Learning lessons are sequential.
  • There are tests,and quizzes at the end of learning activities, as well as chapter test.
  • Links to online standardized practice tests. (Some required for high school students participating in this program.)
  • Available, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Maturity leveling program (Special Education).
  • Online record keeping for subscribers which include term, and semester reports as well as transcripts for high school.

Please, take a moment and fill out our survey so we can better serve your needs. For you learning experience, we have provided some very unique activities. We just know you will enjoy learning with us.